Business Golf

# 1 Reason to use golf as a business tool

“If you're not playing golf with the important people in your business life, you can be sure someone else is!”

Golf has long been Corporate America's
“favorite sport”!

This is primarily because the golf course offers the perfect environment for building and nurturing relationships. It is believed that the key to successful business in the new millennium is Relationship Management.” When you have 4-6 hours of quality time to spend with someone, it becomes easier to establish rapport, develop trust and learn more about your clients needs. Mark McCormick says,You can learn more about a person in 18 holes of golf than 100 business meetings!”


How does GOOD golf = GOOD business? “A degree of mastery over what is perceived as a complex and difficult game, gives the impression that those talents carry over into the business arena.

A New York Times study on golf and management prowess proved what successful executives have known for years: improving ones golf game is great for ones business!

Comparing the handicaps of a group of corporate chiefs to their companies stock market performance over three years, a clear pattern emerged:

If a chief executive is a better than average golfer, they are also likely to deliver above average returns.

This strong correlation between golf and business should motivate the “executives-on-the-rise to spend more time improving their golf games!

Howe To Golf has tools and events to help you maximize the

exceptional rewards from successfully using golf as a business tool.

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