Sometimes we get so frustrated with our golf that we think we need “Divine Intervention” before we will experience any improvement. So often miraculous things can happen with a simple shift in perception.

Here are three simple yet powerful things you can do to “shift your perception” and improve your game .

Fact: 100% of our shots are affected by our thoughts and how we direct our focus.

Shift: Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want!

Tip:  If I were to stand on a tee and say to myself “O.K Lauren, DON’T HIT IT IN THE LAKE! I would be focused on the lake and would most likely hit it there! Instead, pick a spot on the fairway or green where you would like the ball to come to rest.

You will be amazed at how many more fairways and greens you will hit!

Fact:  At last 43% or your score is PUTTING!

Shift: Spend at least 43% of your practice time PUTTING!

Tip:  Commit to being a good putter in 2013. Anyone can do it.

It doesn’t require great strength or stamina, just sound fundamentals and proper practice.

Most golfers make the mistake of taking their putting to lightly. There is a reason the pros say they,

“Drive for show but PUTT FOR DOUGH!”


Fact:  Balance = Power & Consistency

Shift: Start and finish each shot in good balance!

Tip: Good balance will give you a solid foundation to increase your clubhead speed. In addition, it will promote better contact and increase consistency.

 Check out this balance!

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