The State of Your Game Assessment


Heart (The Feeling Game)

What is your primary purpose for playing golf?
What do you love most about the golf experience?

Were you happy with your game this season?
A: What did you most enjoy?
B: What was most upsetting or frustrating?

What 3 feelings do you tend to experience most on the golf course?
A: Which feelings would you like to consistently experience ?
B: Which feelings would you most like to shift?

What is your biggest “self-judgment” on the golf course.
What would you love to experience next season?

Head (The Thinking Game)

What do you need to learn/understand to improve your golf experience?

Do you have a system for managing your feelings on the golf course?
A: Do you have a Pre-Shot Routine?
B: Do you have a Post-Shot routine?

What part of your game gives you the biggest struggle?

Are there any areas of your game you’ve struggled with for a long time?

How have you tried to address these issues in the past?

How often do you play?

How often do you practice?

How do you practice?

Do you have an improvement strategy for each part of your game?

What parts of your golf game are most neglected?

Do you enjoy competing?

Would you like to compete? (On any level)

What area of your game would be the most fun for you to shift?
Game (Do)

Basic Skills – Circle a grade for each skill

Putting                                                                   A B C D F
Chipping                                                                A B C D F
Short Wedges (Under 30 Yards)                      A B C D F
Long Wedges (Over 30 Yards)                          A B C D F
Greenside Bunker                                                A B C D F
Short Irons                                                            A B C D F
Mid Irons                                                               A B C D F
Long Irons                                                             A B C D F
Hybrids                                                                  A B C D F
Fairway Woods                                                     A B C D F
Driver                                                                      A B C D F

Golf Body Basics

Over-all fitness                                                      A B C D F
Strength                                                                  A B C D F
Flexibility                                                                A B C D F
Balanced Energy Levels                                       A B C D F
Mental Clarity (Focus)                                         A B C D F


Have you been fitted for your:

Putter Yes No
Wedges Yes No
Irons Yes No
Hybrids Yes No
Fairway Woods Yes No
Driver Yes No

Club Maintenance

Have you had these checked recently:

Lie Angle

See a professional to help you achieve your best results!
Howe To Golf – Lauren Howe, LPGA 303-653-4442
Best Golf Body – Dee Tidwell, Golf Physical Trainer 303-883-0435
Club Fitting and Maintenance – D’Lance Golf 303-730-2717